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st.PIERRE has a short stay minimum of two days for a booking at the apartment. Please keep that in mind as you select the dates for your booking.

Click below to see if our apartment is available so you too can enjoy the character, privacy and luxury of st.PIERRE!

st.PIERRE a luxury short stay apartment in Leiden
st.PIERRE | a luxury short stay apartment in Leiden


a luxury short stay apartment in Leiden

Right in the center of Leiden: st.PIERRE: A luxury short stay apartment.



Standard rates at st.PIERRE are 209,00 Euro per night, with a minimum of two nights. However special rates apply if you plan to stay for a longer period.

standard Rates

2 to 5 nights 209,00 per night
6 to 10 nights199.00 per night
11 to 14 nights189,00 per night
15 to 21 nights 179,00 per night

FlExibility fee

If your plans are likely to change right up to your booking we do offer a possibility: out flexibility fee. This small fee allows you to cancel your booking at any point right up to 48 hours before the start of your stay and receive a full refund, minus the amount of the flexibility fee itself. Once you're within 48 hours of the start of your stay, we can't refund your booking. The additional fee for this flexibility is 10% of your total booking, with a maximum of 418,00 Euro.


  • On arrival you will get a personal reception, which includes the a short run through of the house rules, the cultural agenda during your stay and insider tips for those new to Leiden.
  • Also we will supply you with an iPhone which has an app to keep track of your bill, Food and Beverage use, local information and many handy phone numbers. The phone allows data roaming and can be used to contact st.PIERRE or make local calls. The phone does have a maximum credit of 15,00 Euro on calls and data roaming, but additional credits can be added upon request.
  • High speed WiFi is standard throughout the apartment.
  • Toiletries and amenities will be supplied for your visit. If more are needed don't hesitate to ask! 
  • Our cleaning team will make sure your apartment is thoroughly clean on arrival. If you plan to stay for a longer period we will clean the apartment twice a week.
  • Bed linnen, towels, bathrobes and slippers are all present on arrival. For longer visits we will do laundry twice a week. 
  • Our Nespresso coffee and tea facilities are free to use throughout your stay. If you happen to run out of teabags or Nespresso cups, just let us know and we will resupply.


Our fridge is stocked with the standard array of drinks like juice, softdrinks, beers and our house wine. Prices differ per drink, but a pricelist is present. For connaisseurs we have our winecellar, with many different whites, reds and roses and of course prosecco and champagne in a wide price range.


As a short stay apartment we generally don't serve breakfast or lunch. There are several supermarkets, shops and delicatessens in the neighbourhood, so if you like you can do your own shopping. However we do offer a groceries service, so on arrival your fridge is well stocked. You can choose out of three packages:

Light breakfast

The 'light breakfast' package consists of: Two kinds of yogurt, milk, fruit, cereals, honey, sliced toasting bread, part-baked croissants, butter, marmalade, ham and cheese.
15,00 Euro per person

Big breakfast and/or lunch

The 'big breakfast and/or lunch' package consists of the same as the light breakfast, but you'll also get bacon, eggs, sausages, tomato's, part-baked baguettes and whole wheat bread, lettuce and an additional type of cheese. 
25,00 Euro per person


Planning to have some after work drinks with colleagues or meeting up with friends before dinner? Our friends at Pomino can supply you with a beautiful selection of Italian cured meats, cheeses, bread, olives and other small bites. 
25,00 Euro (serves about four people)

If you have special requests or want us to get specific items, let us know and we'll try to accommodate you!

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