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st.PIERRE has a short stay minimum of two days for a booking at the apartment. Please keep that in mind as you select the dates for your booking.

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st.PIERRE a luxury short stay apartment in Leiden
st.PIERRE | a luxury short stay apartment in Leiden


a luxury short stay apartment in Leiden

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Meetings & conferences

Leiden has extraordinary venues for conferences and business events of all kinds and sizes: from luxury meeting rooms at hotels to gorgeous halls in Leiden museums, two large Gothic churches, the oldest theatre in the Netherlands, the magnificent Stadsgehoorzaal, a huge human body or a Leiden University building. 

In Leiden you have the option of having conferences up to about 2,000 attendees. There is no city in the Netherlands where culture can so easily be intertwined with a scientific conference program or general meeting, all due to the presence of 13 museums. The city's compactness offers a special ambience for a business meeting and also provides the opportunity for various types of relaxation.

Most of these venues are withing walking distance of st.PIERRE!

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